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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
Ansel Adams

In being the best photographer you need to know what you are doing and you need to have the heart and passion in being open in mind and eyes

WE are not just about Photography and Business but we are about everything!

  • We want to share to the world how is it to take to be the best photographer
  • We want to share the world how to have a free life
  • We share to the world on how to earn online using photos and many more aspects
  • We want to be free from local law so we do more marketing through online and photos


We guarantee that we share editorials and articles that is qualified for our business


We want to be more practical in this world and we want to share our experience to the world


Our outstanding service is to provide quality news and updates to people since we are a group of people who wants to give this as a service that never ends


Having trust from one another and from people like you is the best thing in this world that we could have and we want to return it by sharing more 

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SEO consultant

The benefits of hiring an SEO consultant

seo operations

SEO consultant is an experienced professional who will take care of your seo needs in a very efficient manner. There are many advantages by hiring a seo professional. If you go for an in-house seo department, you will want to incur higher expenses. You should allocate physical space, manpower and other infrastructure needs to promote your website. When you go for the seo service offered by a reputed company or consultant, you will not incur training costs. The seo company will invest time, effort and money to stay forefront in online promotions. Hence, you can hire a seo consultant at a low price and the profitability of the enterprise is very much enhanced.

Enhancing seo operations

Enhancing seoBusinesses will be benefited with best seo plans. The seo strategy will be customized to take care of the needs of customers. When you leave the seo consultation to experts, it will be done in the best possible way and the promotion of the site will take place in a very efficient manner.

The search engine rules and regulations will be updated on a regular basis. The experts will go through the changes and they will ensure that your website is in tune with the new regulations. You will achieve real-world results with the help of the efficient seo plan. You can go through the service offered by experts so that you will not want to devote your time, effort and money on learning SEO.

Positive ROI

Positive ROIThere will be positive returns on investment when the seo is handled by experts. Instead of going through the trial and error method, you can choose a reputed seo consultation service so that a reliable marketing plan will be implemented.

It is very much important to market your products and services through the internet. However, it is not very simple as it is very competitive. You should be aware of the tricks played by your competitor so that you will settle for the best plan without any difficulty. You will be on the road to success by depending upon the experts.

The right kind of keywords will be selected as per your business niche and the keyword optimization will be done in the best possible way. You can undertake marketing with confidence with the help of a reliable seo service provider. You can consult the digital marketing consultant to get best results. If you had implemented seo and was not successful, the website should go through the auditing process.

When the website and online promotion goes through the audit, necessary alterations will be suggested by experts. It is possible to implement seo strategy as per your budget. The on-page and off-page optimization can be done easily with the help of a reliable seo agency. You should go for local as well as global seo so that your brand name will be very much enhanced. You will settle for the best by choosing a highly reliable seo services. By creating an effective online seo strategy, there will not be any issues.

Can foreigners buy condominiums in Cebu?

condominiums in Cebu

There are various kinds of restrictions for foreigners on land acquisition. The condo units, townhouses, and apartments are listed online so that everyone will get access to information. As you go through the listing, you will come to know the lot area, floor area, a number of bedrooms, type of construction and price. The Cebu condominiums can be selected as per the needs of foreign nationals and corporations. The connectivity, infrastructure facilities, schools, banks and other public facilities will be listed on the site. After evaluating the information presented on a reputed website, it can be verified through other reliable sources as well.

You can find condominiums which are meant for sale by owners as well as others. It is possible to register on reputed information so that you will get alerts as per your subscription. As soon as a listing of your choice is registered on the website, you will get a notice. All the ads will be monitored to figure out your needs. It is possible to receive an email notification as well as so that the searches will be up-to-date. You can also save some searches while browsing so that they will be helpful for future reference.

It is possible to buy property directly from the owner or you can contact through an agent. When you sign up an agreement with a reliable agent, precise information will be provided so that you can make the most of your time. you are advised to go through the reviews about agents as well so that the reputed agent can be selected to fulfil your needs. Before finalizing the condominium deal, you should figure out your priorities.

PropertiesThe property industry in Cebu City is booming with the entry of commercial establishments. There is great demand from local as well as foreign businesses. You will find that the demand for residential complexes is very and multi-storey buildings are the reason for their existence. These are cost-effective solutions and the employees as well as businesses will be closer to the business park.

You should choose the best location as it will have a direct influence on the success of your business. Even though you go for expensive premises at a premium location, there will be great results. You will be able to survive your competitors and opportunities can be seized very easily. There will be provision for water, and you can manage emergency situations in a very efficient way.

Before striking a deal, the developer behind the project should be found. If the developer had completed past projects without legal issues, you can consider the offer. The quality of construction, facilities provided in the construction and other aspects should be considered so that you will settle for the best.

Years of experience of the developer and capability in dealing with various kinds of projects will be a definitive plus point. The developer should offer committed service to clients so that they will be able to occupy the property at the earliest.


Keywords For Amazon

Where Can I Get Keywords For Amazon?

Amazon Keyword Research

A lot of people use Amazon site for shopping the products. In the same way a lot of sellers use Amazon to publish their products on the website so that most of the people can buy their products via Amazon. Amazon is an ocean of products and sometimes it really becomes difficult to find a certain product which is similar to many other products. So in the quest of searching the product, the buyers try multiple keywords to search the Amazon so that they may find their desired product. There are many websites which can provide keywords for Amazon that you can use in order to list your product in the top rankings of Amazon.

How does it work?

Most of the people find it difficult to find a suitable keyword for their product. So, they prefer to use this website which provides you with hundreds of suggested keywords that you can use with your product. Whenever a person types in the Amazon search box, the Amazon search engine looks for the exact keyword which is input by the user and the search result in provided to the user according to the keyword. All this process happens in the background and it takes fraction of a second to provide the user with search results. There are many keyword finder tools available over the internet that you can use in order to make your products easily discoverable by the users.


There are many benefits of using these tools some of the benefits are highlighted below.

  • You can use these keyword tools to spy as well as swipe your competitor’s keyword. You can use broad keywords as well as long tail keywords according to your use.
  • You can find a keyword which is compatible for your website or product very easily and a lot faster that you can think.

Having trouble in optimizing your products on Amazon? Take help from the most reliable Amazon keyword search tool. Since, Amazon does not offer keywords to the sellers or merchants to optimize their products on Amazon. This drives the sellers to take help from the leading keyword search tool to select the best keywords for optimizing their products for sale on Amazon.  There are plenty of such keyword search tools to find the most searched keywords for Amazon. Some of the best keyword search tools for Amazon include:

ResearchGoogle Keyword Planner

It is the most common keyword search tool which is offered by the biggest search engine i.e. Google. It is a popular search tool for optimizing content on Amazon.  This tool gives you the most appropriate related searches in high volume for any word or phrase. It allows the users to segment the keyword data on the basis of categories and locations.  You need to have the AdWord account for accessing Google Keyword Planner tool.

Keyword Tool Dominator

It is a keyword search tool that offers a unique facility to list the keywords that are rated from the rank 1-10.  From the Amazon’s Autosuggest list it provides the top 10 favorite keywords for every keyword search.

Scientific Seller

It is another free keyword search tool that gives a huge list of the related keywords of a single word or phrase. It has the capability to find the synonyms of the keywords which makes it very easy for the sellers to pick the most appropriate keywords.


It is the paid keyword search tool which is used by the professional sellers who are looking for higher rankings on the search list.  It provides the feature of narrowing the search of Amazon’s category for higher optimization. It uses algorithms for identifying the most searches on the search engine like Google and Amazon.

Phaiser BHS 760 VS Phaiser BHS 750: What’s Different?

After the much commotion about the much-celebrated products of the Bluetooth headphones world, I think it is very much important for you as a buyer to understand is that what the basic difference between the two models is?


Here is a quick personal review of mine regarding the two products. Know how this has worked out for me. Perhaps this can help in your perfect buy.


On the basis of the following criteria, I have evaluated the functionality of the products.


Audio performance:


Speaking in terms of audio, you can expect the same quality of audio from both the products. There is no deflection in the quality at all. I have tested both the products to listen to songs of Taylor Swift on YouTube and the results were just the same. I could not feel any difference at all.


In fact, I found the Phaiser BHS-750 vs Phaiser BHS-760 – A Comparison and Facts to be actually on part with the 760 on all aspects – whether it be the clarity or the balance or the bass. The sound was crisp, and I enjoyed the highs and lows. For a sports headphone, it does its job a lot better than most would expect.

Phaiser BHS-750


Verdict: It is a total draw in this factor for both the products.




Although both the product gears same on the looks too with the same ‘in-ear’ design, however, the 760 does not render any more color. However, if you are to add in some color dynamics the 750 is perhaps the preferable buy for you. It is available in colors like pink, yellow, blue, red other than black. Again, we see the same color choices in both the models- so what really justifies the price increase in the 760?


For one, leaving this there is just one element that adds some extra points in the 760 model is that it has been worked upon the ergonomics. You would feel better wearing the 760, and perhaps that’s one of the major things you should be looking at anyway.


Over a good many hours, I didn’t feel any unease wearing the 760. I couldn’t tell the same with the 750 though – and running with it for a few hours did make me want to open it. Sure, it wasn’t uncomfortable. But it wasn’t really comfortable either.


Verdict: Although coming with more variety of colors in the 750, I personally would recommend the 760 as it supports better ergonomics. However, I am a little disappointed about the new version as I do not see any distinguishable upgrade in the product.


Battery performance:


With any Bluetooth headset, a battery performance is one of the first prerequisites for the product to work well. This rule is followed by these models too. Speaking of the former model i.e. 750 it has got a large capacity of battery retention. On a full charge day, I have been able to support a total 5 hours of non-stop music streaming and hands-free call.

Phaiser BHS 750

However, with the new version i.e. 760 this battery life has got amplified even more. It has got life boosts up to 25 hours extra standby time.


Verdict: Here, perhaps there is no need to term that the all-new 760 is the winning product.




Protected from water, these sports headphones equally sweat proof. However, it is important to understand what sweatproof actually means. Both these products are certified sweat proof, which means that they are coated with thin nano liquipel coating these are designed to repel sweat. However, being sweatproof only means that you can wear them while jogging – and not in the shower.


Verdict: The products come out with the same level of efficiency in this term.




Manufactured with a coating of aluminum-magnesium alloy at back ends, these products are readily made keeping the goal of durability in mind. Plus, the company’ policy of lifetime warranty makes sure that you never have to think twice before buying these products.


Verdict: Here too, the products face a draw. There is just no change that the company has made in the newer version of the model.


wireless earbuds



Aided with a pinhole microphone design both the products have the same level of performance when it comes to microphones too. I have tested both the products in through Skype chatting. In both the cases, my voice has sounded mostly true to original voice. There was hardly any tampering.


Verdict: Here too, the products roll on a draw.


Magnetic protection:


This is that one feature that has aided in making the brand just unique and standout in front of some giants like Bose. This cool feature allows you to just hang your headphone over your neck with a small neodymium magnet to clasp with each other to confirm its position. I have found both the products at the same level of excellence in terms of this feature.


Verdict: Again the products face a tie-in between them.



Comfortable fit:


Phaiser bhs-750 wireless earbudsKeeping in mind that it is designed for sports-wear the company has made its design as an in-ear model to just tuck into the ear without any irritation from long hours of wearing.


Verdict: The comfort level that I have enjoyed from both the devices is just the same. There has been no change at all.




If you are on a buying spree keeping a cost-cutting target in your mind, then you might like to consider the new model of the Phaser 760 as it is at a little lower end than that of the former model.


Verdict: Definitely, the new model is of greater advantage in this regard.


The Final Verdict:



Taking all the elements into account, my personal recommendation would be anytime the improved model of Phaser,760. You get all the features yet at a lower price rate than the previous. However, if you are someone, who is like to see a little variety and color in their everyday gadgets, then the former model i.e. 750 would be a better option.

Current Flipkart Coupon Codes Which Can Help You Save A Decent Amount Of Money

Looking for a way to save money during the summer? Well, coupons are the best choice. Depending on a brand, seller, and several other factors, you will be able to save a decent amount of money, just acquiring the coupon code and using it. Of course, all of this is free of charge, meaning that you won’t spend money more than the product cost while on discount. So, what you can buy?

Travels and babies

Maybe the title sounds confusing, but the biggest accent on discounts at the moment is on trips and baby equipment. Travels can be affordable if you use coupons. In reality, you can expect up to 30-40% discount on most accommodations and tourist destinations. If we know that now the travels are more than just popular at the moment, this is a fantastic deal to get.

For baby equipment and items, you can get 20% discount. It doesn’t sound much, but if you know that you will need at least ten things or probably more, the total savings will be impressive no less.

Flipkart Discount Coupons

Affordable home decorations

If you are planning to redecorate your home, now is the right time. The deep discounts of 75% are on! There is no need in telling you that the discounts apply only to the most necessary and essential elements for home decoration. With a few smart tips, like decorating the items which are on sale at the moment and preparing the area for those that soon will be, you can save up to 50% on total cost of renovation.

Even better, these deals are going to be active until the following month and probably during the entire summer. The explanation is simple. Most homeowners don’t prefer decorations at the moment, due to the tourist season. If you are smart, you will do precisely the opposite thing.

Smart shopping with Flipkart coupon

discount coupons

Just in case you want an additional way to save money and still get an item you want, there are Flipkart discount coupons which need to be used. Right now, they are on hot offer, meaning that Flipkart coupons can be applied to many items. We noticed that power banks are at 50% discount, washing machines are Rs. 3000 more affordable and air conditioning units are also Rs. 3000 off.

LED TVs are something you want? Well, now is the time to get one. The deep discount of Rs. 22.000 is available. It applies to some of the best brands; such are Sony, LG, etc. Just to add, a smartphone, paired with a smart TV is the best deal. Luckily for you, now you can get Samsung On5 at a discount of Rs. 1500. This is an impressive phone with above the average features.

All that we have mentioned above is a small glimpse of possibilities. In reality, there are more than 105 items and categories available on a discount thanks to coupon codes. If you are planning a massive shopping, now is the time.

Benefits professional graphic design in NYC

Graphic Designer

A professional graphic designer has a lot to offer any business owner. These experts can create a business logo or build a website, either from scratch or work off of something you already have. Whatever task you throw at them, New York City web designers can handle, and these experts will do so with precision, accuracy, and such attention to detail that you will find yourself wondering why you hesitated to hire a professional graphic designer in the first place. Graphic designers in NYC are the best of the best, and their creativity is not the only reason to hire them for your advertising efforts.

It is easy to open up Photo Shop and create a business logo you just thought up five minutes ago or build a website you think will attract new customers. However, to be truly successful in either form of advertising, you want to take advantage of everything a professional graphic designer has to offer. Their expertise and skills in the area of graphic design make them an asset to this entire process.

Graphic Design Company

No matter what, you need to know that you have someone in your corner who can come up with great designs and troubleshoot them or tweak them if they are not working out. A professional graphic designer will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your final product, and that means working with you on the design.

  • Working with you includes taking your vision or ideas into consideration.
  • If you have a very definite idea of what you want your logo or website to look like, speak up and share those ideas with a professional graphic designer.
  • It is up to them to create a business logo or build a website you are satisfied with, and if they do not know your conditions from the get go, they cannot be expected to read your mind.
  • Working with you closely on the project will ensure their vision is in line with yours.

Ideally, your success level will be much higher when you use New York City web designers. Choosing graphic designers in NYC puts you in an excellent position because you will get a unique, custom logo or site that puts you ahead of your competition while still maintaining a presence of your own on the web or in print advertising.

Graphic Design Bachelor's Degree

Things to know about Graphic Designers

Graphic design


Create a great graphic package design and start promoting your product close to home to local retailers, tradeshow, and brokers. When your graphic design stands out from the common product package design, you will get in front of store buyers and agents who are looking for local products. Many times the package design is what gets you the first meeting.

It is also beneficial to have great photographs of the box to put on a sales sheet, brochure or letterhead. We can shoot great looking photos for ads, a trade show booth or anywhere you need to get the attention of the buyer. If your budget is limited, we can give you graphic images that you can use put an inexpensive piece together on your computer and print it off as you need it or we can print them for you.

You might need to consider a point-of-purchase display. We can develop a self-shipper that holds the product securely during shipping and then set-up attractively on the floor or counter at the retailer.

Another asset for success can be a simple website that allows individuals or buyers to learn more about your product and company or to place orders online. A website is also an excellent way to refer prospective buyers for more information about the product or your business.

Once on the shelf in many locations, your next step might be to create a coupon for insertion into the Sunday newspaper. This can drive new and current customers to you. Combine a coupon with a floor or counter displays, and you have a robust strategy for success. Store buyers love to know that you have plans to insert a coupon in the paper. Also, you should consider offering store discounts to encourage the retailer to put your product in their store advertising.


What is Graphic Design


1. Innovative graphic design for your package or label.

2. Clear photography for sales sheet, letterhead, or brochure.

3. Meet with store buyers with your product graphic design and sales sheets.

4. Develop point-of-purchase displays.

5. Store discounts and coupon inserts to drive traffic.

Of course, this is just a basic outline of how you can become successful with your product. Finally it is your hard work and dedication to succeed that will make the real difference.

Whether you want to make a big splash with a major retailer or you want o to begin with a neighborhood store, we can partner with you to make it happen.

If you work for a larger company who needs a new resource for high design and marketing materials, I would love to speak with you.

Digital Photography Tips

Digital Photography Tips

A popular hobby with many people is photography. People love to take pictures. Either they take shots of their family or beautiful places or events. One thing people always want to learn is how to take better photos, and with the advent of digital cameras, it is easier to do. However, there is still a lot to learn when it comes to photography skills. So, here are some tips to help you improve your skills in digital photography.

Now, these tips are from the experience I have gained as a photographer. These tips were obtained going through a trial by fire. Because taking pictures for big events like professional wedding photography, you better get it right the first time.

The first thing you need to learn is about lighting. As a photographer, you must have the knowledge of how light can affect your shots. This is something I heard about as a San Diego, wedding photographer. Things like the sun for outdoor shots. Alternatively, the light in a room can affect your shots. Thankfully, you can test the lighting first and see its effects on your shots using a digital camera. So checking the light is the first tip.

Common Photography Problems

The next tip I will give is that one should learn the art of creating depth and dimension with your photos. In our world, we look at things in 3-dimensions. However, cameras only use 2-dimensions. However, you can make it look like 3-D when you learn how to create depth and dimension. It is a trick I had to learn to do event photography, San Diego. No one likes to just look at photos blankly. They like to feel as if they are in that place when looking at the picture and by creating depth in your photos this is achievable.

The placing of your subjects is another thing you should consider. For one, you do not have to have your whole purpose in the shot – experiment with your shots and be creative. You can try focusing on just a particular part of the subjects that you will be taking.

By changing the way you usually taking pictures you can create a shot which is new to the viewer’s eyes, and it would be different and attractive.

Perspective in your photographs is also important. From where one would take the shot is an important thing to know. Taking a picture from the side can bring a unique perspective from a shot from the front. Using the same subject or pose or scenery but taken at different angles will yield entirely different looks. By taking shots at various angles, you can see which shot is the most beautiful.

Just these few tips on digital photography will certainly improve your photo-taking hobby. Your photos will be livelier, and you will be proud of your results. As you know, taking photographs is not just pointing and clicking – it is an art form which takes skill, training, and application.

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