It’s 1949 and Peter Funts first episode of Candid Camera premieres on NBC. The concept was revolutionary, and the results were astounding! Capture people in action and publicly share the results, while simultaneously driving viewership and revenue.

Today there are dozens of sites featuring billions of videos, yet video marketing is still in its infancy in many regards. However, the shift has begun, and video marketing has become an integral component of today’s business landscape.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an established company or an internet marketer, leveraging video properly has a wide array of benefits that can dramatically change the landscape of your business.

Here are some tools, tips, and strategies to apply to your video marketing plan:

1. Keep Your Videos Short

A study conducted by revealed that 60.6 percent of consumers prefer that videos be shorter than television ads. A good rule of thumb is to keep your videos shorter than 2 minutes. If you have a topic that requires more than two minutes, break it into multiple segments and create a video series on the subject.

Keep Your Videos Short

2. Showcase Your Videos On Multiple Platforms

YouTube is an excellent video service, and I highly recommend that you create a YouTube channel to host your videos. This allows others the opportunity to subscribe to your channel and gives you the ability to start building a steady and interactive following.

In addition to YouTube, several other sites can and should be utilized to expand your internet marketing efforts to a wider audience. Which serves as a broadcasting service to send your video to multiple video sites at once. This saves you time and expands your video presence with one easy step.

Multiple Platforms

3. Optimize Your Videos For SEO

As you create your videos, be sure to add your niche keywords in the title, descriptions and meta-tag sections of the video client. Also be sure to include the link to your website in the description section as well. These steps will assist the video search engines in indexing your files and will drive higher rankings for both your videos and your website.

Optimize Your Videos For SEO

4. Invite Others To Comment And Share

Creating an interactive video environment is a key way to promote and expand your presence and rankings. With the worldwide adoption of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth marketing has quickly become the fastest way to spread news of your products and services. Allow others to link to your videos and invite them to comment and share on the contents. The law of compounding will quickly take effect, and you will see dramatic results in a short period.

Invite Others To Comment And Share

5. Measure And Track Your Results

As with any other aspect of your business, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Monitoring and tracking your videos provides the clarity needed to understand what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. By measuring your viewer’s responses, you can course correct and refine your message to reach your targeted audience better. YouTube provides a great analytics tool under the Insights tab on your YouTube Channel to help you understand such details as what are the demographics for those watching your videos, which videos receive the highest viewership, and how did your viewers find you.

Track Your Results