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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
Ansel Adams

In being the best photographer you need to know what you are doing and you need to have the heart and passion in being open in mind and eyes

WE are not just about Photography and Business but we are about everything!

  • We want to share to the world how is it to take to be the best photographer
  • We want to share the world how to have a free life
  • We share to the world on how to earn online using photos and many more aspects
  • We want to be free from local law so we do more marketing through online and photos


We guarantee that we share editorials and articles that is qualified for our business


We want to be more practical in this world and we want to share our experience to the world


Our outstanding service is to provide quality news and updates to people since we are a group of people who wants to give this as a service that never ends


Having trust from one another and from people like you is the best thing in this world that we could have and we want to return it by sharing more 

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How much money is your business going to make today, this week, this month?

Do you have income projections and goals for your small business?

something else productive with your time

If the answer is yes, stop reading and do something else productive with your time.

Did you answer no? Saying no to income planning is saying no to money. What do you think? Is it smart for any small business owner to say no increased profits?

Although it may sound a little silly when worded that way, not setting income goals for your business is letting money slip through your fingers. If you do not know how much you need to make this month, how do you know what you need to do to get there?

Begin With the End in Mind

Have you ever heard of the business, organizational, and personal productivity consultant and author Stephen Covey? Years of his analysis and observation yielded a list of habits that are common to highly productive people. Beginning with the end in mind, Covey’s other habit means “to start with a clear understanding of your destination.”

If you do not start each month with an income goal for your business, you are not optimizing your profits. Having a goal does not mean you will always hit it. However, it does force you to create a plan to meet that goal. Even if you do not earn as much as you plan on in a month if you track the steps you took and the results that you did see, you will be in a much better position to make that much money in subsequent months.

business, organizational


Income Planning Benefits

Let’s look at an example of how great setting an income goal should be.

Target Daily Income – $500

How in the earth are you going to make $500 a day? Let’s dig into some more specific questions.

1) How much is a conversion worth in your business? ($50)

2) What is your conversion rate? (4%)

3) How many customers do you market to each day (50)

Assuming the numbers in bold next to each question are your answers, you are earning (4% * 50) * $50 = $100 a day

conversion worth

Suddenly closing the $500-day gap seems much more manageable, right? Well maybe not yet but we can see that we need to:

  • Change or repackage what we are selling to increase the value of a conversion
  • Modify our sales process to increase the conversion rate
  • Increase the number of people we market to
  • It is near impossible to improve everything at once, so our best bet is to focus on developing just one of these at first. Now we can identify and take concrete steps towards increasing our income and reaching our profit targets.


Income Planning for New Businesses

So the next question might be, what if I do not know my conversion rates or daily customer reach since I just started my business? The answer is two-fold.

  • Start doing something
  • Start tracking everything

Of course, the obvious first step for a new company is to open its doors and start making some sales. Right away, come up with some best guess estimates regarding your conversion profit, conversion rates, customer reach, and target benefits. Track everything in your business process, and at the end of a short period, you will be able to set reality based income goals.

Income Planning

5 Ways to Leverage Video Marketing


It’s 1949 and Peter Funts first episode of Candid Camera premieres on NBC. The concept was revolutionary, and the results were astounding! Capture people in action and publicly share the results, while simultaneously driving viewership and revenue.

Today there are dozens of sites featuring billions of videos, yet video marketing is still in its infancy in many regards. However, the shift has begun, and video marketing has become an integral component of today’s business landscape.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an established company or an internet marketer, leveraging video properly has a wide array of benefits that can dramatically change the landscape of your business.

Here are some tools, tips, and strategies to apply to your video marketing plan:

1. Keep Your Videos Short

A study conducted by Advertising.com revealed that 60.6 percent of consumers prefer that videos be shorter than television ads. A good rule of thumb is to keep your videos shorter than 2 minutes. If you have a topic that requires more than two minutes, break it into multiple segments and create a video series on the subject.

Keep Your Videos Short

2. Showcase Your Videos On Multiple Platforms

YouTube is an excellent video service, and I highly recommend that you create a YouTube channel to host your videos. This allows others the opportunity to subscribe to your channel and gives you the ability to start building a steady and interactive following.

In addition to YouTube, several other sites can and should be utilized to expand your internet marketing efforts to a wider audience. Which serves as a broadcasting service to send your video to multiple video sites at once. This saves you time and expands your video presence with one easy step.

Multiple Platforms

3. Optimize Your Videos For SEO

As you create your videos, be sure to add your niche keywords in the title, descriptions and meta-tag sections of the video client. Also be sure to include the link to your website in the description section as well. These steps will assist the video search engines in indexing your files and will drive higher rankings for both your videos and your website.

Optimize Your Videos For SEO

4. Invite Others To Comment And Share

Creating an interactive video environment is a key way to promote and expand your presence and rankings. With the worldwide adoption of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth marketing has quickly become the fastest way to spread news of your products and services. Allow others to link to your videos and invite them to comment and share on the contents. The law of compounding will quickly take effect, and you will see dramatic results in a short period.

Invite Others To Comment And Share

5. Measure And Track Your Results

As with any other aspect of your business, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Monitoring and tracking your videos provides the clarity needed to understand what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. By measuring your viewer’s responses, you can course correct and refine your message to reach your targeted audience better. YouTube provides a great analytics tool under the Insights tab on your YouTube Channel to help you understand such details as what are the demographics for those watching your videos, which videos receive the highest viewership, and how did your viewers find you.

Track Your Results



The part of a Photographer

Photography Can Improve Your Life

As a Photographer it’s undoubtedly taken a way of being nothing to being a photographer in expressions, emotions, stages of life and capturing moods of an artistic journey.

The part of a Photographer will be to create something. This clearly calls for not only imagination however a gift of understanding the movement of a depiction or a simple image. In recording the still pictures which can be made right into an item, the function of the photographer also signifies. A brief is prepared the project manager or by the interactional designer.

A photographer is called on a broad variety of topics from human issues modeled or captured in actions to items including private or cultural artefacts to areas like buildings, interiors, landscapes. The picture is on utilizing the specialist gear needed to bring life to the pictures as screens, backgrounds, place copystands and lightning pro. The photographer can also be in charge of the development of the movie and therefore discusses with interactive designer or artistic director for the standard of pictures in the photo. The photographer has incredible duties as converting the picture either by scanning or picture capturing.

Taking a Picture

Photographer is educated and seasoned in the area, have expertise in shooting at an extensive array of subject matter in settings and various states.

This has come quite a distance in the area of photography. It’s fulfilled the functions of a business that was professional in every other manner.

The internet site is designed to view the work of Wendy in the subject of Photography. The web site is the panorama for photography sessions that are distinct. The internet site is designed attractively to comprehend the full blown part of a photographer in the area of photography. There’s tremendous counterpart by the web site to represent the tendency of photography as well as the works of the photography. It depicts the authentic colours in photography but in addition adds on to the best thing about characteristics and layout.

In recognizing the attractiveness in the area of photography, it compliments to the ability of photographer. It shows styles and precious images of distinct colours being added to the gift of photography.


Photography as an art


Photography is among the lovely definitions of an artwork that conveys the photo shown. The three parts are medium artist as well as the art work. The three parts are interrelated to each other.

A lot of people found photography to be a simple reproductive medium and thus the reason photography actually fought for one and half centuries.

Images is undoubtedly art work, it requires lots of imagination and ability to show and expression by way of an easy portrait. It’s an artwork of understanding the most minute effects on reaching the center of the image. The pictures are not clicking, but it’s all about giving them a sequence a backdrop liveliness, a photo as well as a medium. A Picture artist brings the Photos to reside once they have been clicked. It’s an attractive artwork of understanding the most behavior of a scenario, man or nature.

  • Photography as an art has taken recognition and its place in the marketplace now. You will find a lot of people all over the world that are mad about Photography. You’ll find individuals who would like to pick these professions due to their artistic interventions. Photography hasn’t decreased instead it’s found an easy method to gain hearts of lots of people.
  • Photography being an artwork is, in addition, a challenge; it’s depicting the real self from a non-living thing. As an example, it brings the photo which can be dead to life.
  • Photography is the best thing, it’s the imagination of head which is the imagination of ideas. There are lots of photographers who spend hours through the day, in making them living and defining the simple clicks.
  • Adding colours, including a sense, including a life to a thing that is non living is an art. Pictures of numerous natural instincts bring being an artwork that is defined. Many at times Photos depict a whole lot of someone, that individual themselves are uninformed of.

Travel Photography

Photography as an art has just now been understood in the recent years, on the year what it may show and folks have taken the keys of photography. Photography depicts the known from your unknown; it’s an artwork of visiting the depths of comprehending the character of any image as well as the energy.
Photography additionally is an attractive artwork of imagination, it’s an artwork of dream and it’s also an artwork of bringing the dream.

SEO consultant

The benefits of hiring an SEO consultant

seo operations

SEO consultant is an experienced professional who will take care of your seo needs in a very efficient manner. There are many advantages by hiring a seo professional. If you go for an in-house seo department, you will want to incur higher expenses. You should allocate physical space, manpower and other infrastructure needs to promote your website. When you go for the seo service offered by a reputed company or consultant, you will not incur training costs. The seo company will invest time, effort and money to stay forefront in online promotions. Hence, you can hire a seo consultant at a low price and the profitability of the enterprise is very much enhanced.

Enhancing seo operations

Enhancing seoBusinesses will be benefited with best seo plans. The seo strategy will be customized to take care of the needs of customers. When you leave the seo consultation to experts, it will be done in the best possible way and the promotion of the site will take place in a very efficient manner.

The search engine rules and regulations will be updated on a regular basis. The experts will go through the changes and they will ensure that your website is in tune with the new regulations. You will achieve real-world results with the help of the efficient seo plan. You can go through the service offered by experts so that you will not want to devote your time, effort and money on learning SEO.

Positive ROI

Positive ROIThere will be positive returns on investment when the seo is handled by experts. Instead of going through the trial and error method, you can choose a reputed seo consultation service so that a reliable marketing plan will be implemented.

It is very much important to market your products and services through the internet. However, it is not very simple as it is very competitive. You should be aware of the tricks played by your competitor so that you will settle for the best plan without any difficulty. You will be on the road to success by depending upon the experts.

The right kind of keywords will be selected as per your business niche and the keyword optimization will be done in the best possible way. You can undertake marketing with confidence with the help of a reliable seo service provider. You can consult the digital marketing consultant to get best results. If you had implemented seo and was not successful, the website should go through the auditing process.

When the website and online promotion goes through the audit, necessary alterations will be suggested by experts. It is possible to implement seo strategy as per your budget. The on-page and off-page optimization can be done easily with the help of a reliable seo agency. You should go for local as well as global seo so that your brand name will be very much enhanced. You will settle for the best by choosing a highly reliable seo services. By creating an effective online seo strategy, there will not be any issues.

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