After the much commotion about the much-celebrated products of the Bluetooth headphones world, I think it is very much important for you as a buyer to understand is that what the basic difference between the two models is?


Here is a quick personal review of mine regarding the two products. Know how this has worked out for me. Perhaps this can help in your perfect buy.


On the basis of the following criteria, I have evaluated the functionality of the products.


Audio performance:


Speaking in terms of audio, you can expect the same quality of audio from both the products. There is no deflection in the quality at all. I have tested both the products to listen to songs of Taylor Swift on YouTube and the results were just the same. I could not feel any difference at all.


In fact, I found the Phaiser BHS-750 vs Phaiser BHS-760 – A Comparison and Facts to be actually on part with the 760 on all aspects – whether it be the clarity or the balance or the bass. The sound was crisp, and I enjoyed the highs and lows. For a sports headphone, it does its job a lot better than most would expect.

Phaiser BHS-750


Verdict: It is a total draw in this factor for both the products.




Although both the product gears same on the looks too with the same ‘in-ear’ design, however, the 760 does not render any more color. However, if you are to add in some color dynamics the 750 is perhaps the preferable buy for you. It is available in colors like pink, yellow, blue, red other than black. Again, we see the same color choices in both the models- so what really justifies the price increase in the 760?


For one, leaving this there is just one element that adds some extra points in the 760 model is that it has been worked upon the ergonomics. You would feel better wearing the 760, and perhaps that’s one of the major things you should be looking at anyway.


Over a good many hours, I didn’t feel any unease wearing the 760. I couldn’t tell the same with the 750 though – and running with it for a few hours did make me want to open it. Sure, it wasn’t uncomfortable. But it wasn’t really comfortable either.


Verdict: Although coming with more variety of colors in the 750, I personally would recommend the 760 as it supports better ergonomics. However, I am a little disappointed about the new version as I do not see any distinguishable upgrade in the product.


Battery performance:


With any Bluetooth headset, a battery performance is one of the first prerequisites for the product to work well. This rule is followed by these models too. Speaking of the former model i.e. 750 it has got a large capacity of battery retention. On a full charge day, I have been able to support a total 5 hours of non-stop music streaming and hands-free call.

Phaiser BHS 750

However, with the new version i.e. 760 this battery life has got amplified even more. It has got life boosts up to 25 hours extra standby time.


Verdict: Here, perhaps there is no need to term that the all-new 760 is the winning product.




Protected from water, these sports headphones equally sweat proof. However, it is important to understand what sweatproof actually means. Both these products are certified sweat proof, which means that they are coated with thin nano liquipel coating these are designed to repel sweat. However, being sweatproof only means that you can wear them while jogging – and not in the shower.


Verdict: The products come out with the same level of efficiency in this term.




Manufactured with a coating of aluminum-magnesium alloy at back ends, these products are readily made keeping the goal of durability in mind. Plus, the company’ policy of lifetime warranty makes sure that you never have to think twice before buying these products.


Verdict: Here too, the products face a draw. There is just no change that the company has made in the newer version of the model.


wireless earbuds



Aided with a pinhole microphone design both the products have the same level of performance when it comes to microphones too. I have tested both the products in through Skype chatting. In both the cases, my voice has sounded mostly true to original voice. There was hardly any tampering.


Verdict: Here too, the products roll on a draw.


Magnetic protection:


This is that one feature that has aided in making the brand just unique and standout in front of some giants like Bose. This cool feature allows you to just hang your headphone over your neck with a small neodymium magnet to clasp with each other to confirm its position. I have found both the products at the same level of excellence in terms of this feature.


Verdict: Again the products face a tie-in between them.



Comfortable fit:


Phaiser bhs-750 wireless earbudsKeeping in mind that it is designed for sports-wear the company has made its design as an in-ear model to just tuck into the ear without any irritation from long hours of wearing.


Verdict: The comfort level that I have enjoyed from both the devices is just the same. There has been no change at all.




If you are on a buying spree keeping a cost-cutting target in your mind, then you might like to consider the new model of the Phaser 760 as it is at a little lower end than that of the former model.


Verdict: Definitely, the new model is of greater advantage in this regard.


The Final Verdict:



Taking all the elements into account, my personal recommendation would be anytime the improved model of Phaser,760. You get all the features yet at a lower price rate than the previous. However, if you are someone, who is like to see a little variety and color in their everyday gadgets, then the former model i.e. 750 would be a better option.