Digital Photography Tips

A popular hobby with many people is photography. People love to take pictures. Either they take shots of their family or beautiful places or events. One thing people always want to learn is how to take better photos, and with the advent of digital cameras, it is easier to do. However, there is still a

5 Ways to Leverage Video Marketing

It's 1949 and Peter Funts first episode of Candid Camera premieres on NBC. The concept was revolutionary, and the results were astounding! Capture people in action and publicly share the results, while simultaneously driving viewership and revenue. Today there are dozens of sites featuring billions of videos, yet video marketing is still in its infancy


The part of a Photographer As a Photographer it's undoubtedly taken a way of being nothing to being a photographer in expressions, emotions, stages of life and capturing moods of an artistic journey. The part of a Photographer will be to create something. This clearly calls for not only imagination however a gift of understanding


Photography as an art Photography is among the lovely definitions of an artwork that conveys the photo shown. The three parts are medium artist as well as the art work. The three parts are interrelated to each other. A lot of people found photography to be a simple reproductive medium and thus the reason photography

Home Business

Starting a Home Business In Photography What it will need is a love for the capacity to promote the company, an artistic talent, the practical abilities to use the gear as well as photographic artwork. A fundamental photography class will be beneficial too. Now it is better to learn the best way to use a