Graphic design


Create a great graphic package design and start promoting your product close to home to local retailers, tradeshow, and brokers. When your graphic design stands out from the common product package design, you will get in front of store buyers and agents who are looking for local products. Many times the package design is what gets you the first meeting.

It is also beneficial to have great photographs of the box to put on a sales sheet, brochure or letterhead. We can shoot great looking photos for ads, a trade show booth or anywhere you need to get the attention of the buyer. If your budget is limited, we can give you graphic images that you can use put an inexpensive piece together on your computer and print it off as you need it or we can print them for you.

You might need to consider a point-of-purchase display. We can develop a self-shipper that holds the product securely during shipping and then set-up attractively on the floor or counter at the retailer.

Another asset for success can be a simple website that allows individuals or buyers to learn more about your product and company or to place orders online. A website is also an excellent way to refer prospective buyers for more information about the product or your business.

Once on the shelf in many locations, your next step might be to create a coupon for insertion into the Sunday newspaper. This can drive new and current customers to you. Combine a coupon with a floor or counter displays, and you have a robust strategy for success. Store buyers love to know that you have plans to insert a coupon in the paper. Also, you should consider offering store discounts to encourage the retailer to put your product in their store advertising.


What is Graphic Design


1. Innovative graphic design for your package or label.

2. Clear photography for sales sheet, letterhead, or brochure.

3. Meet with store buyers with your product graphic design and sales sheets.

4. Develop point-of-purchase displays.

5. Store discounts and coupon inserts to drive traffic.

Of course, this is just a basic outline of how you can become successful with your product. Finally it is your hard work and dedication to succeed that will make the real difference.

Whether you want to make a big splash with a major retailer or you want o to begin with a neighborhood store, we can partner with you to make it happen.

If you work for a larger company who needs a new resource for high design and marketing materials, I would love to speak with you.